How to make photo banners in PicMonkey

Today I thought I would try something different. Instead of sharing a recipe with you, I thought I would share a fabulous blogging tip on how to make a photo banner using PicMonkeyPicMonkey is a FREE photo editing service with tons of options for creating just about anything.  You can use it to label or edit your own personal photos or you can create logo’s and buttons for your blog or website.   It’s fun, easy and free.   What could be better?   PicMonkey is the only editing tool I use for all the photos that I add to my blog and I find it extremely user-friendly and easy to understand.   You can create banners, logos, buttons, fabulous pictures, holiday cards and so much more.  I love it and since using PicMonkey is has given my blog a more professional look and has given me a one stop shop for all of my photo editing needs.  

how to make photo banners in picmonkey
















How to make photo banners in PicMonkey


how to make photo banners in picmonkey












First you will need to go to PicMonkey and click the edit tab.  It will take you to your files where you will upload a photo that you would like to edit.


how to make photo banners in picmonkey










Once your photo uploads you will need to click the butterfly on the left sidebar.  This will take you to the list of options in the photo above.   Today we are making the rectangular banner, so you will need to click the Geometric tab.  Choose the rectangle.


how to make photo banners in picmonkey










The rectangle will appear on your photo in black.  Click on the rectangle and place it where you would like it on the photo.  I find that putting it up top in your photo is more appealing as long as you are not covering the main element of the picture.   When you click and highlight the rectangle an overlay box will appear to your right.  Here, you will be able to change the size of your rectangle and choose the color.  There are other options as well like fading the rectangle or using blend modes.  I never use these, only sometimes I will use the fade option.


how to make photo banners in picmonkey















Once you have chosen the color and size of your banner, you are ready for Text.  Click the T on the left sidebar and a list of fonts will be shown.  There are lots to choose from that are free but you can certainly upgrade to use more options.  This goes for every category offered in PicMonkey.  There are free options and upgraded options.  I chose to upgrade since it was affordable and I loved everything I saw.  I wanted to use PicMonkey to its fullest because I love it so much and it’s very valuable to my business.

how to make photo banners in picmonkey



















Once you add your text you can change the color and size of it to suit your photo.  Then click save and Voila!  You have a professional looking photo for your blog/website. 

What I have created with PicMonkey

I have created buttons (in sidebar) for my blog, my header (logo at the top of my blog) and I edit all the photos that I post here.  You can crop, lighten, darken, sharpen and add just about any decorative element you wish to your photos.   It’s great for the beginner and super for the advanced photo editor.  Give PicMonkey a try to see your blog/website go to the next level too.

If you would like to see more tutorials for using PicMonkey, please leave me a comment and let me know what you would like to learn.  I am a PicMonkey Master and I would be happy to help you take your blog to the next level!  Tootles!

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

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  1. Can you make banners in picmonkey and insert 2 or 3 different photos in the banner?
    Would love to know how…

  2. I LOVE picmonkey. I also love the girl that you use in your logo. Do you mind sharing who designed it for you?
    Tami @ Curb Alert! recently posted…Google+ Blog Hop (Curb Alert! Spring Break!)My Profile

  3. I just started using PicMonkey after using Photoshop for years. I love how easy it is! And I don’t have to boot up Photoshop for just one photo anymore.
    Cari recently posted…How to Get Rid of Warts NaturallyMy Profile

  4. I bookmarked this so I can learn how to use this. I want to make my pictures look better
    tara pittman recently posted…Day Two Of The Fresh Express 30-Day Salad Swap!My Profile

  5. Thanks for the tutorial. I’ve only used PicMonkey for a few months but I’m loving it!! Found your website via Facebook Food Blogger Friends!
    Rebecka recently posted…SOS! Creamed Chipped Beef on Toast and a Serious Case of the Blogger Blues!My Profile

  6. I use PicArt app on my tablet, but I do need a photo editor for the computer. I’m going to try this one. BTW the banana and pancakes looks incredible.
    Raven recently posted…Wordless Wednesday W/LinkyMy Profile

  7. I always have a problem trying to figure out the saving options. What size and quality do you recommend?

  8. Thank you, and yes, I would love to learn more!

  9. I love PicMonkey! I have Photoshop Elements, but still haven’t had the time to learn it. I feel like PicMonkey is very user friendly. I also upgraded and feel that the small fee for the year is worth every penny. I’m curious how you made your buttons in your side bar. I also would love to learn how to use more of the advanced effects like curves. I’ve played around with it a little. FYI those pancakes look very yummy!
    Dawn Pasco recently posted…Beef StewMy Profile

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