Tye dye cake

This weekend was my daughter’s 10th birthday and she wanted a Tye dye theme.   Of course that meant she wanted a Tye dye cake.  I decided to portion out parts of the batter to color it a vibrant shade of red, yellow, blue and green and plop it in the pan and hope for the best.  Luckily, it turned out wild as did the Tye dye sugar cookies I came up with to coordinate.  I had fun throwing such a colorful party for her and the girls really enjoyed Themselves.  I have to give myself a pat on the back for this one.  Happy Birthday Ashlynn.   

I used Wilton colors for this project but Americolor works well too
Use your favorite yellow or white cake batter and portion it out in several bowls to color.  
I chose to keep about 80% of the cake in it’s original form because i think food coloring alters the taste of the cake a bit. 
(Okay, I was scared.  I was afraid putting all of those colors together would turn the cake muddy in color)
It’s a pretty mess!  Very vibrant…no muddiness.
Plop is the key here to avoid the “muddy” factor.  Plop one scoop of each color on top of or next to the other until your pan is filled to your desired preference.
Came out the exact way it went in… PHEW!!

This is what the final cake looked like. 
My daughter just had to have her favorite  Moshi Monster characters on her cake.
Oh, I bet you want to see what the inside looks like don’t you?

It was dreamy!
It was like a “rainbow” velvet cake or like red velvet gone wild!

The dessert table
I found Tye dye lollipops
Her guests loved them!
Had a talented friend paint my daughters nails to match the party
A home for rainbow sprinkles other than on the cake

“Not until the guests arrive”!
 I  found myself saying this over and over again hours before the party began as sticky little fingers grabbed for party treats.
The pretzels were too hard to resist (and so was he)!
Looks hard I know, but honestly I made these in no time. 
Use your favorite sugar cookie.  Dye royal icing several different colors, use one as a base and swirl on the others then drag a toothpick from the middle to the ends at a slant.  Here is a link to a previous post I did that is similar
It doesn’t get cooler than this…a Tye dye pinata filled with a rainbow of assorted candy
We made Tye dye shirts so the girls can take home a souvenir. 
Oh, and this is what I did with the rest of those awesome Tye dye cookies.  I have always wanted to try a cookie tree.  Maybe next time I will try a cupcake tree. 
Happy party throwing!

Click for printable Vanilla cake recipe

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  1. Love your cake and party ideas!

  2. your work is amazing and so inspiring! love.

  3. I love that cake! I would have gone nuts as a little girl to get that! :)

  4. This is truly adorable! Totally loving the tie dye fingernails to match! Very talented and creative. Your next birthday you should look into sweet bath and body favors from my store, Sprinkles Bath & Body. I specialize in Sweet Treats for Bath & Body and we could do a Candy Body Bar with with favors the little ones can take home and enjoy in the tub like Rock Candy Soap, Cupcake Soap, and Tub Candy Bath Fizzies to mention a few.

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