how to make fondant pumpkins

Fall is still in the air and there is no time like the present to learn how to make cute little fondant pumpkins.  They are the sweetest, most endearing toppers for Fall themed cupcakes and cakes. They are easy as pie to make (just follow my tutorial) and will add a touch of Fall to all of your desserts.  With a little frosting you can stick’em to cookies, make a border on pie crust, top a cupcake or place a few on a cake.
Use a ball tool to make an indentation
Use a toothpick to lightly press a line into the pumpkin
starting from the bottom up
Use a clean paint brush to put a dab of water in the center where the stem will go
Roll out small sausage shaped brown fondant and bend at the tip for stem
Pumpkin pumpkin on the wall, who is the cutest one of all?

See how cute pumpkins look as a cake topper!
Happy sculpting!
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