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It’s the simple things in life that make the world go round.  I believe that the world would not be complete without this simple buttercream recipe.  It’s sweet and fluffy and reminiscent of birthday cakes Mom baked growing up.  It’s a piece of you, a piece of me and extra special on a piece of cake. 

First, a word about butter;

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS  use Grade AA butter for baking. 
The quality of butter is based on its
body, texture, flavour, and appearance.
Grade AA butter scores a  
93 out of 100 points making it the most expensive and
 highest quality butter that’s perfect for baking. 

You didn’t think I was going to get too technical did you?
Beat four sticks of UNSALTED butter for a good 10 minutes.  Most recipes won’t tell you do beat it this long but I have found that the longer you beat it, the fluffier the buttercream.  So give her a whirl and step away to fold laundry or sit and turn on the tivo.  

 ( You know you have episodes of Jerseylicous on there)
Add the entire 2 pound bag of confectioners sugar a little at a time.  Watch the splash factor here…a white powder puff of smoke will cover you and your kitchen if you are not careful.   A splash guard attachment is helpful here. 
Beat well after each addition, scrap bowl as needed.  After every two additions, raise speed to high and beat 10 seconds to aerate frosting, then return to medium speed. 

Think of it as the “Fluffing Factor”!
Add vanilla, and beat until frosting is smooth.

After all that work to aerate your buttercream, now you are left with unsightly airbubbles.  You want your cake to LOOK as good as it TASTES so…here’s a trick I do to get rid of them.

Simply switch your beater to a paddle attachement of your kitchenaid and turn it on low speed.  In a few minutes or so your buttercream will be as smooth as a baby’s butt. 

Hence the name BUTTercream!
I kill me!!
Dina’s Fluffy Vanilla Buttercream
4 sticks unsalted butter
1 2 pound bag 10x confectioners sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla (the real stuff)
4-6 tablespoons whole milk (as desired for consistancy)
With your kitchenaid beat butter 10 minutes until light and fluffy on medium speed.  Reduce speed to low and add sugar 1/2 cup at a time.  Beat until combined.  After every two additions aerate buttercream by raising the speed to high for 10 seconds.  Frosting will be very pale and fluffy.  
Add vanilla and milk.  Switch to paddle attachment and on low speed whip for 2 minutes or so depending on how smooth you like your buttercream.



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  1. Carmen Torres says:

    Hi. I used to have the same issues with the frosting inside the pastry bag at home. On summer time I always keep my bags in the fridge. They are plastic and the heat from your body make things even worse.When I’m decorating cakes I keep my house as cool as possible and a fan is always on to keep the cool air circulating. Try to not make your buttercream while you are baking or not right after you are done baking. Here in Utah weather plays a huge roll for me on summer time; it’s dry and hot. Sounds weird but works for me

  2. Would this recipe be “stiff” enough for a wedding cake? The wedding will be outside in June and I am concerned about it softening. I have heard from some people to use shortening but I am not sure how much. Others tell me flour help to add stiffness and cuts the sweet factor. Is this true and if so, which would you recommend?

    • buttercream bakehouse says:

      Hi Julie, I would recommend using half butter and half crisco for an outside wedding in June. The Crisco helps the buttercream stabilize and holds moisture in and the butter alone will not do that. I have not made buttercream with flour before so I am not sure if that will work. I would also keep the cake chilled the day before the wedding and take it out an hour or so before delivery. It will help keep it structurally sound for longer buying you more time in the heat. hope this helps.

  3. Hi stephanie. Here is a link to a butter conversion calculator. Hope this helps.

  4. How much is 4 sticks of unsalted butter. Maybe in gram?

  5. Different brands of butter have different amounts of salt in their salted butter. Omitting the salted butter give you full control of the amound of salt (or not salt) in your buttercream. Add a pinch of salt to cut the sweetness of your buttercream if you feel the need. A pinch of salt is less than what would be in a stick of butter. Hope this helps

  6. Just a quick question….. Why Unsalted Butter?

  7. Just a quick question…. Why Unsalted Butter??

  8. Anonymous says:


    I have been looking for a good recipe that won’t melt and your recipe look promising to me… YEY!!! Thank you for your help.

  9. Heidilynn says:

    Always looking for a great buttercream recipe and the promises of it being “fluffy” has me excited! Thanks so much for posting:D

  10. Thanks so much!! I will let you know how it goes!!

  11. This one won’t melt. It’s foolproof and always comes out perfectly. No need to refridgerate. If you are concerned about moisture ( on hot days) you can add meringue powder to it or a little crisco. Good luck and let me know how it turns out.

  12. Hi there,
    I can’t wait to try out your buttercream. It looks so delicious!! I have a quick question, when I make my buttercream from scratch, it seems to melt when I put it in a pastry bag to pipe. Any suggestions as to what I might be doing wrong? I generally do not put my icing in the fridge before I ice a cake. Should I do that first? I have used the Magnolia’s Bakery recipe in the past. My friends little guy is turning one and I was asked to make his smash cake so I am looking to get my buttercream perfect.
    Thank you and I love your blog. You are so talented!!

  13. You are welcome, and it really is idiot-proof!! YUMMO…let me know how it turns out.

  14. Thanks for this recipe! I always shy away from making buttercream myself for some reason, but your recipe looks idiot-proof. :) Can’t wait to try it myself!

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